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Today we’re going to talk about re-roof vs tear off. 

A lot of contractors will tell you,”you have to tear your roof off to get the full warranty of the shingle.” That’s just not true! With saying that, there are a lot of pre-existing conditions that have to be right in order for your roof to be eligible for a re-roof instead of a tear off. 

Generally speaking a re-roof can save 30-40% of the total cost of the roof and still carrying the same lifetime warranty. So a couple of things for re-roof. 

1. You have to have a 3 tab shingle which looks like this…

3 Tab Shingle Tyler Building Company

And the reason being is because they lay flat on the roof and allow you to single over it without the dimensional part of the shingle poking through the new one. 

So if you have an architectural shingle like this… 

Architectural Shingle Tyler Building Company

Which is the industry standard and the shingle you most likely will be putting on your roof. You would actually not be able to re-roof over that because it will visually distort the pattern of the new shingles. 

So that’s the biggest component. One layer, and again must be prefab shingle.

2. Your roof can’t have any leaks. I mean if it had a drip around a pipe boot or a pipe flashing that’s one thing because we replace those. If you have a leak in a valley or around the dormer, simply putting another layer of shingles over it is not going to correct it. That’s because it’s down to the flashing. 

So again re-roofing carries the same warranty. This is the same 50 year, 100% labor and material warranty backed by G.A.F. as does a tear off. Now you know, so ask your single installer or the salesman for the company you’re dealing with and they should be able to direct you accordingly if your roof is eligible or not.

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